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More the traffic, the better. Every business makes efforts to get an abundant of traffic, and utilizing Google ads for it is just one way.

Yes, it can happen pretty faster, if you follow the right path while doing the Google ads.

Being a newbie in Google ads, or maybe, even a pro, one can make mistakes. It is not a big deal, though, as that’s how we learn. But, we can surely avoid it to ensure a seamless Google ad campaign.

Google Adwords

6 Google Ads Mistakes That Will Leave You Broke

Even the best Google ad campaign has gone through a few mistakes. But the point is not to repeat it, but to avoid it so that even you can build a great Google ad campaign.

So, let’s learn those mistakes, so that we can avoid them to experience smoother traffic, leads, and google ads campaign.

1. Avoiding the List of Apt Keywords

Yes, this is what most of us do. We avoid the list of apt keywords, which mainly fall into three main categories, including exact match, phrase match, and broad match. Find your list of keywords based on a good through research to ensure you are using the right ones for your Google ads.

2. Writing BAD Google Ads

Why would anyone read a poorly written ad copy? Some competitors are delivering some extraordinary ads for their Google ads, so why would anyone pay attention to the one that doesn’t have good content, attractive CTA, and a message that is to be delivered to the audience? The key to a good Google ad is to write a good ad copy, for which an Ad extension can also be used.

3. Not Indulging Negative Keywords

This is another ad mistake that most of the people do. Using a negative keyword, you can exclude the keywords that don’t match your services/products. It can minimize the cost while accelerating the revenue. So, if your ads aren’t really converting, make sure to incorporate a negative keyword in the ad copy.

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4. Not Testing the Apt Advertisement Position
The quality of your ad relies on the keywords, targeted keywords, and even the click rate. All these factors together decide the position for your ad. Experts even say that the number one position is not always the best position to place your Google ads. Higher positioned ads do get more clicks, but relatively lower conversions. Being in the third to the fifth position is generally the best.

5. Obsolete Conversion Setups

Don’t rely on the obsolete conversion setups as that will affect the ad quality. So, when setting up the Google ads, make sure to answer all these questions:

-What are you tracking with your ads?
-What factors are considered to improve conversions from the ads?
-What generates tracking?
-What is leading to dead conversions that need to be modified?

6. Not Understanding Conversions

So, when you are running a business, it is mandatory to track the conversion and profit margins. Tracking your revenue, conversions, and profit margins are vital for you to improve all these three factors. When you are not tracking your progress, you will not be able to generate sufficient results that help in growing your business. Always keep in mind that you have to know what’s going on in the industry, and test things out before finalizing your Google ad. Most people don’t do that and that’s why lack conversions and profit.

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The Takeaway Message

When setting up Google ads, it is best to understand all the points that are necessary to make a successful ad. Focus on making good ad copy, research apt keywords, and avoid these mistakes to lead a successful Google ad.

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