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PPC drives traffic to your website (targeted traffic), to be precise. The use of apt keywords, promoting the products and services, and allowing better traffic to your website are some common advantages of utilizing PPC.

Pay each time, customers hit your ads, and your site gets traffic – that’s how it works.

But how does anyone Launch a successful PPC campaign (for the first time)?

google analytics

Let’s find out!

Steps to Launching an Effective PPC Campaign, First Time

Here are some effective ways to launch your first PPC campaign:

1. Research Matters!

Begin with proper research – an honest approach when researching would make your PPC campaign a success.

Find out the real objective of starting and running paid campaigns and ads.

Research should result in more conversions and better leads.

Gather customer data, find relevant keywords, write the text for ads, and wait to prepare for the steps further.

2. Check Keywords Demand

Now, rely on a good keyword research tool to figure out whether the keywords you are going to use really in search or not.

There is no point working on keywords that no one searches.

You can always use Google Keyword Planner or maybe, Ubersuggest to find the trending ones.

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3. Sort Keywords, and Structure Them

The third step is to act smart now – sort the keywords based on your target audience.

Keep the keywords tighter and relevant to make it easier for ads to perform. Tweak your keywords, modify them, and utilize the sorted list of keywords for your PPC ads.

For instance, the term ‘motor’ has less purchase intent than ‘commercial electric motor.’

4. Negative Keywords Work

So, if it is your first PPC campaign, you can use negative keywords too.

The intent is to pull together as many clicks as you can.

Add ‘negative’ in terms that are not related to your ad. It should be targeting the audience, who has nothing to do with your product or service.

It is money-saving and one of the best strategies to sidestep any inappropriate clicks.

5. Revise Your Budget

Since it is going to charge you a few bucks, you should be ready with the same to manage your PPC ads and campaign.

Understand the objective of your ad campaign, realize how much money will go into it, and can you really manage with that much money.

Once you have answers to these questions, proceed.

6. Know Your Competitors

Study your competitors, and learn from their mistakes.

Don’t repeat the mistakes as you have already researched your competitors.

7. Create your Ad Copy

It is essential to create good ad copies for better ROI.

The sole motive of the content is to generate clicks and conversion.

Create an effective ad copy and let your targeted audience click on the link to initiate the sales.

8. CTA should be Attractive

CTAs must incorporate powerful words, including Buy, Click, Get, Free, Best, Save, Top, and alike, which has the potential to create urgency amongst your targeted audience to click on your PPC ad.


9. Extensions Works Crazy

The type of extensions that you need for your PPC ad depends on the goal of your ad.

Extensions improve the ad’s presence, attracting more customers and interactions.

Since it offers more user searches, giving better reasons for your targeted audience to click on the ad link.

Here are some extensions that you can add to your advertisement:
– App extension
– Review extension
– Location extension
– Call extension

The Takeaway Message

Build campaigns that actually work! Utilize all steps above to create your first ad campaign and grab as many leads, clicks, and traffic as you can for getting better leads.